Altenia Games

We create cute games where you can relax and enjoy nature. Our games do not take much time from the players, but they give pleasant emotions.

Sakura blossoms in Lulu's greenhouse🌸

Frogs are happy about the arrival of spring✨ Enjoy a new relaxing mini-game and get beautiful spring items into your flower house 🪷

Cute Frog & Ball Games Arcade

A cute and relaxing arcade game about sorting balls.

Home Garden Lulu

Home Garden Lulu is a cute cottagecore and goblincore 
style simulation game🪴🌵

In this game you can create a beautiful greenhouse with frogs, rare flowers and plants🌿

In the game you can: 

🐸Learn the story of each frog 
🥤Play mini games and enjoy relaxing music 
☘️Complete unique achievements 
🌵Open new rooms in the greenhouse and decorate them

🐸 Turn your greenhouse into a cute and beloved home for frogs by decorating the interior with beautiful items: 

Greenhouse 🍀 

In the greenhouse you can grow many rare plants🍃 

Coffee house☕ 

All the frogs in your greenhouse love warm and aromatic coffee and smoothies. Delight the frogs with your wonderful drinks! 

Keep order in the house of the frog Lulu 🍃

Lulu the frog is very fond of fish in his garden, but sometimes garbage gets into the lake🗑️ Take care of fish and nature in Lulu's garden 🐠 

Open your own Flower Shop 🌸

In your small but cozy flower shop, you can grow and collect bouquets to your liking 🌸 You can grow many wonderful flowers: roses, cornflowers, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, lavender, carnations 🌵 

Host movie screenings and play games on an old vintage machine🎮️🎥 

In the recreation room, you can arrange movie screenings for frogs, as well as receive awards for achievements in vintage slot machine games🕹

Olivia. The Witch`s Magic Shop

Welcome to the magical world of the witch Olivia! In this game you can become a real wizard or sorceress🌿🐸 

Build your magical garden: 

🌿Plant tall trees and collect cones and nuts 
🍃Grow herbs, berries and spices in your beds 
🍄Open a magical mushroom farm 

Cast spells and prepare magical potions: 

 🪄Learn over 100 spells 
🎆Learn how to conjure magic signs correctly 
✨Upgrade the magic cauldron and other magic items for cooking in the kitchen  

Help the inhabitants of magical islands to become happier: 

🎃 Meet and discover the history of 20 unique characters 
🎠Complete unique story missions and win magical prizes 
💌 Learn new potions and get double rewards for golden letters 

Decorate the interior of Olivia's house: 

💚Purchase unique decorations for Olivia's room and balcony 
🍄Unlock all interior styles: patchwork, stellar, natural and witchy 
🧚🏻‍♀️Learn the history of magical talking objects: Grumpy Jacques, Rarashek House Spirit, Mysterious Boy in a Painting, Magic Pumpkin, Caged Spirits.